“I ❤ #Coronavirus!”: Is there an up-side to a Global Pandemic..?

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So, what do the following have in common: H.G. Wells, economic recession, Trump’s border wall, the Mean Girls movie, The Hoff, ‘Lucas Arts’, Dr Who, and feminist art/activism..? I wonder…

War of the Worlds, Fox TV, 2020

This lockdown has given me the opportunity to review past work, while struggling with motivation on my current work. I came across this competition blog post I did in 2013 for the International Society of Political Psychology, they wanted a ‘fun/controversial’ piece to entertain their members – I was happy to oblige and they chose to publish my output. The piece was titled “I ❤ Economic Recession?” and, thankfully, can still be found online.

As you can see, besides it’s entertainment value, it holds many truths which remain so in our contemporary time. As many have asserted, during the Covid-19 media coverage, the effects of the global pandemic on the global economy have certainly been similar to that during previous recession(s).

War of the Worlds on Spotify/The Music

Indeed, one might consider it a form of comic realism and/or political allegory, similar to that deployed by H.G. Wells in his work:

It seems especially prophetic, post-Covid-19, that he had his Martian invaders wiped out by ‘bacterial infection’, on the cusp of their victory over Earth. Perhaps we might now see the Martians as a rather cruel depiction of the human race – consuming and laying waste to all in its wake, until a hidden microscopic enemy virus stops us in our tracks; forcing us to “adapt or evolve”, lest we face extinction – or more likely great loss and insecurity.


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